Dear Dallas County Voters,

I am the incumbent Presiding Judge of the 193rd Civil District Court. Our civil courts handle disputes in areas such as medical malpractice, personal injury, labor and employment, as well as complex commercial litigation. I have served in this role since you first elected me in 2006, and I have twice been re-elected.

As the incumbent, it is my responsibility to run on my track record. I am very proud of how my court has performed since 2006. When I took over from my Republican predecessor, the 193rd was one of the county's most backlogged courts. My hardworking staff and I created a plan of action to move the docket forward, and today my court is one of the most efficient Civil District Courts in Dallas County.

I have also earned a strong reputation for fairness, objectivity and temperament. In past elections, I have been deemed qualified by the non-partisan Dallas Committee for a Qualified Judiciary, and endorsed by the Dallas Morning News.

My support of the Democratic Party in Dallas County and beyond has also been strong and consistent. I am proud to have served as a Dallas County Democratic Party Precinct Chair. I am honored to have donated to and volunteered for the Democratic cause at every opportunity.

Elections have consequences, and I firmly believe that experience and legal background are critical to the proper functioning of our justice system. I have been a valuable contributor to this system for a decade now, and I am asking for your vote in the Democratic Primary to continue serving you.

I pledge to approach my job with seriousness and dignity as I seek my fourth term. Ultimately, my role each day is to treat everyone fairly, make sure people feel heard, and steer the process toward justice. I am performing this role today, and I feel called to continue with your support and vote.


Judge Carl Ginsberg

Democrat - 193rd Civil District Court